World generation on Minecraft servers is always a challenge. Server owners can get a large performance boost by setting a world border and pre-generating their worlds using Chunky. Pre-generating your world prevents the server from doing expensive chunk generation computations while the server is running.

Pre-generation Steps

  1. Download and install the Chunky plugin. Optionally, also install its companion plugin, ChunkyBorder.
  2. Define what chunks you want to pre-generate:  /chunky center 0 0 and /chunky radius 10000. We recommend starting with a 10,000 block radius. You will also want to center chunky around your server's spawn point. You can always go bigger, but it's much more difficult to trim your world if you generated too much. It will also be faster. You can also set the world to pre-generate using /chunky world world, or /chunky world world_nether, for example.
  3. After defining the chunks you want to pre-generate, it's simply a matter of using /chunky start to begin the process. Note that this process may take many hours. If you have to restart your server for any reason, you can use /chunky continue to pick up where it left off. To pause the pre-generation process, use /chunky pause.
  4. It is also recommended to set a world border. To do this, ensure that you have ChunkyBorder installed, and then run /chunky border add. Ensure you complete this step before moving on to pre-generate other worlds.


We always recommend pre-generating and setting borders on all of your worlds, including the overworld, nether, and end. This will prevent your worlds from using excessive disk space from player exploration, and runaway CPU usage from chunk generation.

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