DiscordSRV is a spigot plugin that allows your server's chat to be visible on your Discord server, and allows your offline players to interact with online players through Discord chat. This plugin has become increasingly popular over the years, but can be tricky to set up. In this guide, we will show you how to set up the DiscordSRV plugin.


  1. Visit Discord's Developer Page. Click "New Application" and enter a name for your bot.
  2. On the left side of the screen, select "Bot", and click the blue "Add Bot" button.
  3. Under "Privileged Gateway Intents", enable the Server Members intent and the Message Content intent. This will allow DiscordSRV to see who is in your server and read messages.
  4. Scroll back to the top of the page and click "Reset Token". Then, copy the generated token and save this value. We will need it later.
  5. Install the latest version of the DiscordSRV plugin. Drag and drop the jar file into your plugins folder and restart your server to generate the configuration files.
  6. In the configuration file, update the bot token value to the token we saved in step 4, and configure your channels. Also make any additional customizations to the configuration at this time. Restart your server when you're finished.
  7. On the Discord developer page, select "General Information" on the left, and copy the application ID. Visit the authorization tool, and paste the value on the page. This will bring up a page asking you to add the bot to your Discord server. Select your Discord server from the list and click "Authorize".

Now your Minecraft server is connected to your Discord server!

Disabling Slain Message

By default, DiscordSRV sends a message any time a player dies. This can generate a lot of spam, and generally be annoying to your players. If you would like to disable these messages, you can do so by disabling it in the message file. Find MinecraftPlayerDeathMessage in the file, and set the enabled field to false. Restart your server or reload dynmap's configuration to apply the change.


  • Installing DiscordSRV is an easy way to increase player engagement, especially when your server only has a few players.
  • Pufferfish Host fully supports dynmap! Consider creating your server with us!
  • DiscordSRV has many addons and integrations with other plugins that can make it more powerful. Our favorites are integrations with punishment plugins and anticheats, although it can do so much more.
  • While DiscordSRV includes the ability to view your console and send console commands, we don't recommend enabling it, as it adds an additional security risk. If your Discord account is compromised, you don't want it also affecting your Minecraft server!