Pufferfish+ is a private fork of the original Pufferfish which adds even more performance patches and features to the original Pufferfish, allowing your server to gain even more performance. At this time, Pufferfish+ is only available to Pufferfish Host customers. In this guide, we will show you how to install Pufferfish+ on your Pufferfish Host server.

Before we get started, we recommend always taking a backup before making any major changes. You can take a manual backup through the "backups" tab in the panel. If anything goes wrong, you can always restore your entire server from this backup. Wait for it to finish before proceeding, it may take a few minutes depending on the size of your server as it replicates all of your server's data across our globally distributed network.

The next step after taking a backup is to shut down your server. Because we will be modifying the server jar file, it is safest to do this while the server is safely shut down. Use the stop button on the console tab to safely shut down your server.

After your server is shut down, navigate to the "Versions" tab in the panel, and select the version of Pufferfish+ you would like to install. If you want to reset your server completely, you can optionally select the option to delete files. Click the green "Install" button to confirm.

Next, we want to make sure that your server is set up to launch the new jar file. On the "Startup" tab of the panel, make sure that the server jar file is configured as "server.jar". This will ensure that the jar files installed by the "Versions" tab are launched by the panel when you start your server.

Pufferfish+ Features

Pufferfish+ includes several patches that optimize the most heavy-hitting areas of the server software. Our patches include:

  • Async Entity Tracker – Optimizes how the server calculates which players can see which other entities by making the entire process async.
  • Async Pathfinding – Optimizes a huge chunk of the entity tick by making pathfinding decisions almost completely asynchronously.
  • And more...

Updating Pufferfish+

In order to update Pufferfish+, all you need to do is click the blue "Reinstall" button on the "Versions" tab of the panel after safely powering down your server. Creating a backup before updating is recommended but generally not required. If you would like to use an older build of Pufferfish+, these builds can be downloaded on our downloads page.


Pufferfish+ is currently only available to Pufferfish Host customers. If you are interested in running Pufferfish+, it can be purchased here.